Project 60460

To mark 60 years on the only planet that we have, I’m embarked on an overland adventure through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and Rwanda. Stopping at 60 unique places, and sharing the adventure in video & photos.

But, it’s not only about the adventure, it’s also about putting back and paying it forward. In appreciation of a full life in Africa, much of it lived outside, I will be highlighting the plight of, and raising funds towards the conservation of 3 of Africa’s most iconic big cats.

Why These 3 Big Cats?

The challenges facing ALL of Africa’s wild creatures are now greater than ever. We are losing species at between 1,000 and 10,000 times faster than the natural extinction rate, almost all down to human activity. This will only worsen as the human population grows & consumes more natural resources.

The 3 Biggest Threats Facing Africa’s Wildlife!

  • Poaching & the illegal wildlife trade
  • Habitat loss
  • Human-wildlife conflict

As apex predators, Africa’s big cats are some of the most vulnerable of all. Organisations like Tusk, the Born Free Foundation, Cape Leopard Trust, Leopard Conservation Project, The Cheetah Conservation fund (and many other private individuals and non profit organisations) are doing excellent work. But, these organisations desperately need funds, and they need publicity. 

This is where I believe Project 60460 can offer real, tangible assistance, in the form of publicity and fund raising. If WE don’t do something SOON, a day will come when the wild big cats will all be gone. There’s a real chance that our grandchildren will never see these awesome predators in their natural habitat.

What Can I Offer?

Combining my 20 years in digital marketing, with a passion for an outdoor lifestyle, overlanding and Africa, brings I believe, a fairly unique set of talents and passions. Since launching my YouTube, Instagram and Facebook channels between 2017 and 2019, they have grown far more than I could have imagined.

Over the past year the channels have moved more and more in the direction of overlanding, road tripping and wildlife. An area of social media that is growing massively, and with international travel restrictions, it’s a lifestyle that continues to attract tremendous interest and has the potential for massive future growth.

If this project “speaks” to you, and if you feel that your brand would benefit by becoming involved as a sponsor or partner, I’d love to talk.



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