Kuredu Beach Maldives
Kuredu Showing Off

Kuredu Island Maldives

This post might be somewhat short on words, but I hope that the photos will do most of the talking, and that’s because Kuredu Island in the Maldives archipelago is just so darned photogenic. Words are pretty superfluous, don’t you think? And, it’s also because our visit was some time ago, and the finer details escape me.

Kuredu Island Beer
Beer Kuredu Style

Getting There

Most visitors will be flying into the international airport, which is at Hulhule Island in the North Male Atoll. It’s actually on it’s own island, a short distance from the capital, Male. Flying Emirates Business Class for sure has it’s perks, even though the flight from Dubai is only around 4 hours or so.

Emirates Business Class
Emirates Business Class

Seaplane Ride

From there it’s either a boat ride if your final destination is a nearby island, or a short bus ride to the seaplane terminal nearby. Kuredu is located in the Lhaviyani Atoll, 145 kilometres north of Male, a 35-minute seaplane journey. Flying at a low altitude over the dozens of tiny islands and atolls is guaranteed to get you into the island vibe.

Maldives Seaplane Terminal
Maldives Seaplane Terminal
Maldives from the air
Maldives From The Air

First Impressions of Kuredu Island

By the time you arrive at the island and take the longish walk along the jetty to the resort reception, you are going to be well into the holiday mood already. The sheer beauty of the place is simply mind-boggling, think about paradise, and this must surely be very close to what you imagine. The whitest sand beaches, the lushest and greenest palm trees that you can imagine and the clearest, warm water that you are ever likely to encounter.

Boarding The Seaplane Maldives
Disembarking from The Seaplane
First Impression of Kuredu Island
First Impression
White Sand & Blue Water
White Sand & Blue Water
Paradise Sky Maldives
Paradise Sky
Shades of Blue Maldives
Shades of Blue

Over Water Villas

We were fortunate enough to have booked into the over-water villas, known as the “Sangu Water Villas”, but honestly, while they are awesome, I don’t think you can go wrong in any of the various options. What was quite cool was having a pool area restricted to the guests staying in this section, the island was pretty busy, so it is pleasant to be able to avoid the “crowds”. There is also a restaurant and bar area, where all kinds of drinks and cocktails are available, you need only to ask.

Sangu Over Water Villas
Sangu Over Water Villas
Cocktails Anyone
Cocktails Anyone
Private Pool Area Kuredu
Private Pool Area
Welcome to Kuredu Island
Welcome to Kuredu

A Week in Paradise

Kuredu actually has loads of activities, mostly water related of course, but there is a golf course (not 18 holes naturally, it’s quite a small island after all), also a football and a cricket pitch. The staff are from all over the world and couldn’t try any harder to make the guests happy. I can really recommend snorkelling, the underwater life is absolutely amazing. If you have a head for heights, parasailing while being towed by a boat is a great experience, you’ll be suspended over 100 metres in the air, and while you might imagine it to be a bit noisy, it’s actually very tranquil up there.

There are a number of restaurants to choose from, a buffet is the main theme, but there are a la carte options as well. The food was really, really good, I honestly can’t fault it at all, and the setting of all the restaurants is out of this world. Considering that everything has to be brought in by boat, or grown on the island, it’s an amazing feat I think.

Sunset Beach Walk
Sunset Beach Walk
Shades of Blue
Shades of Blue
Beautiful Beaches Maldives
Beautiful Beaches
Kuredu Pool Area
Pool Area
Traffic Jam on Kuredu
Traffic Jam
Underwater Life
Underwater Life

All Good Things Come To An End

Yes they do, and all too soon it’s time to say goodbye to new friends and a little piece of paradise called Kuredu Island. I’ll be back, one day, for sure.

End of The Day
End of The Day

Diving With Reef Sharks Video

Take Note

  • The Maldives is an Islamic republic, and while on the resort islands alcohol is served and swimming wear is acceptable, when visiting markets or “settled” islands it’s important to respect local customs and sensibilities.
  • You may not bring alcohol, religious literature, pornography or drugs into the Maldives, alcohol will be confiscated at the airport and returned to you when you leave. The others you should leave at home because they will get you into serious trouble.
  • This is the tropics and the sun is fierce, wear headgear, drink plenty of fluids and don’t skimp on sunscreen.
  • If Kuredu doesn’t appeal to you, or you are into something a bit more active, Club Med Kani Island is a great alternative way to enjoy the Maldives experience.
  • But most of all enjoy paradise.

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