Clear Waters of Mallorca
Clear Waters of Mallorca

Road Tripping Mallorca

Getting to Mallorca is easy, with daily flights from most European cities, we traveled from Baden Baden in Germany, a fairly short flight to the international airport at Palma and then a very long transfer by coach to our hotel. My first bit of advice would be, if you can possibly avoid the coach trip then do, it’s long and boring, stopping at several hotels along the way dropping of guests, next time I would for sure hire a car. When we travel I always rent my vehicle through, they are a division of and usually have some great deals.

Ibero Star Hotel Alcudia Park

Home for the week was the Ibero Star Alcudia Park, which is a decent, and quite large, resort hotel, although a bit dated, but they were busy upgrading the rooms while were there. Unfortunately we didn’t get lucky enough to have a renovated room this time around.

Ibero Star Hotel Alcudia
Ibero Star Hotel Alcudia

Being late May, and before the big summer crowds arrived, there was no real competition for beach space or sun loungers around the pool, but I guess in peak season it could become a bit chaotic. Food was pretty good, after a week I was keen for home cooking again, but that would be the case after a week in any resort, top marks then for food. You can read the full Trip Advisor review here.

Alcudia Beach Crowds

That Beautiful Mallorca Coastline

We hired a car for the duration and simply drove wherever the mood took us, it was really inexpensive from a local car rental company, right across the road from the hotel, there’s no need to book weeks in advance and pay for a big name brand. You can download Google Maps to your mobile device which allows you to navigate offline, without requiring data, so no roaming fees are incurred, go Google. The island is larger than you might think and while the main roads (highways) are good, once you get off the beaten track they get quite narrow in places and the endless cyclists along with fearless local drivers make life interesting, but it’s well worth it.

Coastal Road MallorcaThe Northern parts of the island, which we explored, are reached by crossing a pretty high range of mountains to reach the stunning coastline beyond, with pristine waters and beautiful little villages around every bend. The waters are crystal clear, high cliffs falling vertically to the ocean, and secluded beaches are everywhere.

Cala Sant Vicenç Mallorca
Cala Sant Vicenç

An Island Steeped in History

The Balearic Islands, of which Mallorca is the largest, have been settled for centuries, including a period when the Romans were in charge. A day spent exploring the old city in the town of Alcudia is going to be time well spent if you have an interest in history. And even if not, the narrow streets, where people still live and work, cool shops and restaurants will appeal to pretty much anyone. Explore the old fort and Roman ruins then go for lunch at a restaurant along the beachfront. It’s a day well spent, I promise.

Alcudia Old City
Alcudia Old City

Mallorca, Well Worth a Visit

I guess Mallorca gets some less than positive publicity, unfairly I think, it’s not all about partying in Megaluf, there is so much more to the island. Next time, for certain, some time exploring Palma and the Southern coast is on the cards. If you get a chance I can highly recommend going. But hire a car and avoid the massive resort hotels, our best days were the ones when we got in our car and just drove without an agenda or itinerary.

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